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We are a team of data engineers and machine learning engineers building the defenses needed to make the internet a safer place. To get there we are hiring world-class talent across frontend, backend, and applied machine learning/data engineering to safeguard the internet against tomorrow’s threats.


We are seeking candidates who have prior experience with the following technologies:

Large Language Models and Real-Time ML Systems

We believe the future of T&S will require us to bring the most powerful AI systems available at the massive scale of online platforms. We are seeking candidates that have production experience shrinking and scaling transformer-based models using quantization or model fine-tuning techniques, as well as familiarity with NLP and multi-modal content understanding systems.

Time-Series Databases

We operate in an extremely adversarial space. Since attackers constantly shift their patterns, the ability to process, store, and analyze large amounts of data in real-time is a core aspect of Intrinsic.

We are also leveraging a number of distributed key-value stores for real-time event aggregation, with a focus on reproducible backtests on these systems.

Graph Databases and Data Visualization

Context matters, and graphs are a powerful tool at our disposal to surface signals for abuse. We are building graphs that need to scale to millions of edges and nodes.


We are currently hiring in our San Francisco office located in the Financial District. We are fully in-person and strongly believe in-person collaboration is key to our continued pace of innovation.


We offer the following employee benefits:
— Competitive cash and equity-based compensation
— Medical, dental, and vision insurance
— Unlimited paid time off subject to prior approval

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